Why You Need to Swim Like a Shark

One of our niche markets is working with Entrepreneurs across the Denver, Colorado, and the country.  I have spent hours and hours listening to successful business owners.  Through this experience, I recognized the successful business owners always moved forward.  This also translated into my experience with the psychology of investing and the importance of investors to move forward and not fear the unknown and actually embrace the fact that they can learn.  A good financial planner wears many hats including being a teacher.  “Why You Need to Swim Like a Shark” is my most recent article published in ColoradoBiz Magazine. It talks about the dangers of comfortable inaction in business, finance, and life and the benefits of moving forward. I felt compelled to post it because it may be a valuable read.

It is easy to be comfortable.  Isn’t that human nature?  Feeling comfortable can lead to inaction or a sense of complacency.  Becoming stagnant can lead to the failure of so many things – a career, business or personal growth.  The culprit behind the paralysis to move forward is fear.  Fear of the unknown and fear of failure lead to comfortable inaction.  John F. Kennedy put it the best when he said “There are risks and costs to a program of action.  But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”…READ MORE!

Kevin McNab

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