How to Cook a Frog and Build Wealth

What does cooking a frog and building wealth have in common?  Kevin McNab provides the answer in ColoradoBiz Magazine.

I grew up on a dirt road with woods, fields and ponds surrounding my house. Some people might call where I grew up “a little country.” On summer evenings, I could be found catching huge bullfrogs in the pond behind our house.

My grandma lived around the corner. She grew up on a farm in North Dakota during the Great Depression as one of 11 siblings. Her hardships and long life led to great knowledge. She shared this wisdom with her grandchildren. As a child, when she gave me advice, I listened.  One evening, when I was about 10-years-old, I showed my grandma one of the frogs I caught. She said to me, “Kevin, the best way to cook a frog is to gently place it in warm water and turn up the heat.  As the frog gets comfortable in the warm water, it will be too late to jump out by the time it realizes the water is boiling. If you throw a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump out.” I must have been a combination of fascinated and horrified by this piece of knowledge because I still remember her advice over three decades later. To this day, I don’t know if my grandma used to cook frogs on the farm when she was a child or if she was providing me with a little bit of sage generational wisdom.

As I was thinking about my grandma the other day, this memory crossed my mind. At that moment, I realized, cooking a frog is like building wealth…Read More!

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Kevin McNab

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